Shahid Khan

Managing Director | Solicitor


LLB, LLM, enrolled as a solicitor in  England and Wales in 2005

Legal 500 - 2019

‘Pro-active’ head of team Shahid Khan has ‘a prolific work rate’ and ‘goes well beyond the call of duty’ 


Legal 500 - 2020

‘Advice Wise Solicitors Limited’s crime team has been kept busy… Shahid Khan leads the team’


Legal 500 - 2021

‘Advice Wise Solicitors Limited is led by the ‘incredible’ Shahid Khan, a specialist in murder, complex fraud, money laundering and drugs offences.’

Specialising in some of the most complex parts of criminal defence, Shahid Khan,  Managing Director of Advice Wise, is one of our most experienced and skilful solicitors. Shahid’s dedicated hard work and commitment over the years has seen his firm grow, as can be seen from his ranking in the Legal 500!

Working for matters that include, although are not limited to, serious violence, complex frauds, money laundering, and drug and driving offences, Shahid prides himself on providing clear, realistic and professional advice in all matters and his reputation for vigorously fighting for his client’s rights. Affirmation of his successful practice, built on the foundations of excellent reputation and recommendations can be found by talking to his former clients. Not only that, Shahid is also the Supervisor for the Criminal Department and specialises in Criminal Defence work. He is a qualified duty solicitor and regularly appears nationwide before the Magistrates’ Court and at police stations. This is only furthered by the fact that Mr Khan regularly defends clients who are being prosecuted by the National Crime Agency, Serious Fraud Office, Sapphire Unit (serious sex offence unit in the Metropolitan Police), as well as Trading Standards and the HMRC investigations and prosecutions. That and his extensive knowledge of POCA, confiscation, civil recovery, restraint orders, seizures and forfeiture, are integral to the qualities that make Shahid Khan a brilliant solicitor.

Shahid’s reputation also extends to looking after vulnerable clients including young people and those with mental health difficulties. Amongst the strong client base, he regularly represents professionals from all walks of life such as solicitors, immigration advisors, pharmacists and banking officials who face allegations which could damage their professional and personal reputation. His interests also include white-collar investigations, defending those accused or charged with immigration offences and those cases where the evidence is voluminous. What can be said without question is that Shahid Khan makes sure the firm provides the same level of exceptionally high standard of attention and care to all of his clients.

Tactics are a key strength of Shahid and this combined with his proactive approach to dealing with cases and his calm and efficient manner allows his clients to feel comfortable and at ease. After all, Shahid’s clients are usually going through some of their most difficult challenges and therefore it is important that they feel that they can talk to him. Regardless of how small, large or complex a client’s case may be, you can be reassured that as a client of Advice Wise, Shahid Khan will have his best people on hand for you.

With his extensive and impressive background, Shahid Khan has a proactive approach toward his cases and a calm and efficient manner which allows his clients to feel comfortable and at ease. He takes time to ensure that each client understands how the law applies to their case. Due to his experience, he is able to deal with complex legal issues and explain them to his clients so that they know their case is in the best possible hands.

Some of Shahid’s most recent notable cases are below:

Serious Fraud and Money Laundering
Serious Violence & Organised Crime
Serious Drugs Cases
Sexual Offences and Trafficking
Serious Fraud and Money Laundering

 R v MLR and others (Kingston Crown Court) – Operation Slipstream; Representing the main defendant in a conspiracy involving 17 Defendants. It is said that our client was involved in the production and supply of fraudulent documents for use in fraud against the Home Office, the United States Embassy, to a bank for mortgage purposes and to various local councils. The case involves a large amount of evidence in the form of documentary evidence, telephone evidence and banking evidence. The case is being prosecuted by the International Justice and Organised Crime Division of the CPS and the complexity is such that the case had to be split into 4 different trials.

TS v AM (Lewes Crown Court) – currently representing the director of a large airport parking company in proceedings brought by Trading Standards relating to fraud and money laundering amounting to approximately £1.8 million.

 R v MAR and others (Blackfriars Crown Court) – Operation Falcon; Represented one of the lead defendants in a multi-handed conspiracy to defraud. It is alleged that this was a sophisticated and large scale internet-enabled banking fraud involving over £12 million. This case involved over 400,000 pages of complex phone, computer and banking documents. The complexity arises from the hacking of various companies on an international scale. The trial lasted over 4 months.

R v MT and others (Leicester Crown Court) – A multi-hander conspiracy to defraud Virgin Media by dishonestly obtaining television subscription services.  The Prosecution alleged that the conspiracy involved a potential loss of up to £200 million, and involved a huge volume of complex expert evidence as well as legal argument on admissibility.

 R v MN (Croydon Crown Court) –Operation Saisir; defended the lead defendant in a ‘Crash for Cash’ conspiracy to defraud approximately £6m involving over 250 staged accidents and exaggerated claims and more than 154,000 pages of complex evidence.

 R v SN (Central Criminal Court) – Represented the Director of a company involved in a conspiracy to defraud companies such as British Gas, Eon and other electricity and gas suppliers. The case involved over 55,000 pages of evidence.

 R v VG (Derby Crown Court) – Operation Bindaree; Represented in the defence of an individual accused of money laundering nearly £100,000.00 where the total fraud against companies such as Airbus, Carlsberg, Sportswift and others amounted to almost £7.5million.

R v AM (Southwark Crown Court) – Multi-hander conspiracy to defraud Phones4U by abuse of position; Represented the store Manager who was at the centre of the conspiracy in a 6-week trial.

R v BKB and another (Leicester Crown Court) – Operation Gage; Defended the wife in a serious case consisting of 31 counts across two indictments relating to various frauds such as identity fraud, banking fraud and property fraud as well as money laundering. The defence in the case related to duress and “black magic” was a factor in the defence.

R v AH and others (Snaresbrook Crown Court) – Operation Orla; Represented the lead defendant in a multi-hander conspiracy to commit fraud by false representation by purporting to act as Insurance Brokers.

R v VE and others (Snaresbrook Crown Court) – Represented the defendant in a multi-hander fraudulent evasion of duty case where it was alleged that over 200,000 cigarettes were brought into the UK on which UK duty had not been paid.

 R v FM and others (Wood Green Crown Court) – Operation Hove; Defended the lead defendant who was an immigration advisor in a case where the Prosecution alleged the Defendant was submitting false applications and supporting documents to the Home Office.

R v NA (Southwark Crown Court) – Operation Cudgegong; Conspiracy involving 9 Defendants who allegedly breached the UK Immigration rules. The case involved complex tracking of payments and amounted to over 25,000 pages of evidence.

R v FS and others (Snaresbrook Crown Court) – Assisted in the representation of a leading defendant in a multi-hander case relating to fraudulent evasion of VAT and the subsequent money laundering of the same.

R v OS (Snaresbrook Crown Court) – Represented a Solicitor accused of making 192 fraudulent Immigration Applications. This was reduced to only 16 counts.

R v S (Woolwich Crown Court) – Complex Oyster card fraud which was said to have been in operation for many years. Case was halted by the Court at an early stage.

Serious Violence & Organised Crime

R v CM and another (Blackfriars Crown Court) – Operation Newmills; Currently representing the main defendant in relation to Murder and Conspiracy to Rob. Various issues in the case arise in relation to the cause of death. This case involves various experts instructed by the defence including a pathologist, toxicologist, voice expert, scene of crime expert and cell site expert.

R v SF and others (Central Criminal Court) – Operation Pietown; An investigation into the murder of a male who died from several stab wounds. The case involves 4 defendants and voluminous evidence including cell site, lengthy CCTV evidence and previous gang history held by the police.

R v SA (Kingston Crown Court) – Operation Cornpipe; currently representing a defendant in an investigation into an Organised Crime Group involving the re-registration of high value stolen vehicles, conducted by the Counter Terrorism Command.

HSE v JR and another – Currently representing a large-scale property development company and their director in relation to alleged breaches of health and safety law which lead to the death of a worker on their site.

R v ME and others (Central Criminal Court) – Representing the main defendant for five counts of attempted murder after it was alleged that he “rammed” his vehicle into a number of pedestrians on a pavement.

R v LU (Snaresbrook Crown Court) – Representing a defendant accused of attempted murder after it was alleged that he used items to assault his partner.

R v MMH and others (Central Criminal Court) – Operation Deghvard; Currently representing one of the main accused in a 11-hander conspiracy to inflict grievous bodily harm with intent. The case involves extensive evidence relating to cell site, telematics data and gang evidence and is centred on a severe group attack using various weapons on an unarmed man. The defendant was originally charged with Attempted Murder, however this was dropped. The case involves over 150,000 pages of complex evidence.

R v MB and another (Southwark Crown Court) – Operation Hipsometer; Representing a defendant charged with another for conspiracy to handle stolen goods. This relates to over 100 stolen vehicles including motorbikes and spans over a 5-year period. This case has been investigated by the Met Police Organised Vehicle Crime Unit.

 R v MJ and others (Snaresbrook Crown Court) – Operation Ekainy; An investigation into a shooting in broad daylight using a shotgun. The Defendant was charged with Attempted Murder which was later dropped to possession of a firearm with intent to endanger life. Successful half time submissions were made and the defendant was acquitted of this count.

R v SL (Central Criminal Court) – Operation Irmenu; Represented a defendant charged with possession of a firearm with intent to endanger life in relation to a “shootout” that took place between two parties in a South London Street. The case involved cell site, DNA and ballistics evidence and involved the instruction of a firearm expert.

 R v MJ (Nottingham Crown Court) – Represented a defendant accused of kidnap and possession of an imitation firearm. The alleged incident featured on BBC Crimewatch.

R v MI and others (Southwark Crown Court) – Operation Brasshand; Multi-handed conspiracy where the investigation was conducted by the Met Police Organised Vehicle Crime Unit. It was alleged that an Organised Crime Gang were involved in the theft of over 120 vehicles from the London area, many as a result of domestic burglaries. The total value of the loss was well in excess of £2.5 million.

 R v MMH and others (Central Criminal Court) – Operation Tuhana; Represented the main defendant in a multi-hander conspiracy to possess a firearm with intent to endanger life. The case centred on a police “sting operation.”

R v SH (Croydon Crown Court) – Kidnap, Blackmail and Torture of a prominent East London businessman; this case attracted significant media interest.

R v AM (Snaresbrook Crown Court) – A case involving False imprisonment, Blackmail and ABH of a male who was kept for a number of hours against his will. The case involved identification, telephone and voluminous CCTV evidence.

R v DF and another (Inner London Crown Court) – conspiracy involving the burglary of properties and theft of high value motor vehicles from within them. The case was made complex by the number of burglaries (46) and volume of mobile phone traffic/cell site analysis used to track defendants. The total value of the loss was in the region of £400,000.

 R v MS (Southwark Crown Court) – A large scale operation whereby the Defendant was alleged to have been a leading figure in a conspiracy to “ring” luxury motor vehicles. The total value of the loss was in the region of £1.5 million.

Serious Drugs Cases

R v DH and others (Bristol Crown Court) – Operation Cleveland; represented a defendant in a large scale multi-hander conspiracy to produce and supply cannabis. The case involves substantial numbers of cannabis farms in 7 properties which were professionally converted to provide perfect growing conditions for cannabis.

R v MR (Birmingham Crown Court) – Operation Aigrette; Defended one of the leading money laundering suspects in approximately £300 million conspiracy to import Class A drugs, namely Heroin. Trial lasted over 2 months.  Complex issues of fact and law, particularly in relation to disclosure.  Large number of used and unused material.

R v HM (Southwark Crown Court) – Conspiracy to supply Class A drugs with a street value in excess of £2.5 million.

R v WJ (Kingston Crown Court) – Operation Tiffin; Investigation in relation to a number of individuals concerned with the supply and distribution of wholesale quantities (75kg) of high purity cocaine.

Sexual Offences and Trafficking

R v DA and others (Snaresbrook Crown Court) – Operation Wombarra; Represented the main Defendant in a multi hander comprising of 20 counts relating to the offences of controlling prostitution for gain, rape, human trafficking and other sexual offences. Defendant accused of running a chain of brothels and committing various rapes. The Defendant had assets restrained which were valued at approximately £15 million.

R v WY and others (Central Criminal Court) – Operation Effect; Investigation into human trafficking for sexual exploitation from China and Korea into and around the UK. A multi-hander conspiracy whereby the Defendant was charged in relation to controlling prostitution for gain and subsequent money laundering.

R v DS and another (Isleworth Crown Court) – Represented one of two Defendants alleged to have attempted to Rape as well as falsely imprison the victim.  Defence solicitors had to put in significant number of hours of preparation to ensure the background facts were properly and fairly presented.

R v TO and another (Snaresbrook Crown Court) – Represented the first defendant on the Indictment alleging four counts of Rape.  The trial lasted 2 ½ weeks.  Disclosure submissions dealt with in advance of trial.

R v SC (Chelmsford Crown Court) – Represented the defendant in an alleged rape following a meeting via facebook. The defendant was vulnerable and the assistance of an intermediary was initiated in this case.

R v KN (Snaresbrook Crown Court) – Two counts of Making Indecent Photographs of children contrary to the Protection of Children Act 1978 and one count of Possession of Extreme Pornographic Images Contrary to the Criminal Justice and Immigration Act 2008. It was identified there were gaps in disclosure which resulted in the Crown offering no further evidence.

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