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At Advice Wise Solicitors we pride ourselves on client feedback and continually strive to better ourselves.

Below are some of the things our clients have to say about us:

“Mr Khan was professional, kind and understanding with my case.”

“I was helped after a baseless and false allegation was made against me. Shahid Khan was very helpful and inspired my confidence.”

“Kept me fully informed and corresponded with the police in a timely manner thus being pro-active and resolving the matter quickly. Keep doing an excellent job.”

“The integrity and the quality of the services got me free of my criminal case. For me you lived up to the standard of your profession.”

“Mr Khan is very friendly and easy to talk to. He had a lot of patients with me and I am not an easy person to deal with! Thank you.”

“I was equally directed to you as one of the best and I witnessed it. I will really recommend and campaign for you.”

I was very pleased with your services as it made the difference in my case in such a way that I did not get a custodial sentence.”