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Criminal Defence

At Advice Wise Solicitors we specialise in Criminal Law and we are accredited by the Law Society in Criminal Litigation. We pride ourselves in providing clear, realistic and professional advice on all types of criminal matters.

Advice Wise Solicitors can represent clients who are accused of any criminal offence, whether at an initial stage, such as the Police Station, or at the Magistrates or Crown Court stages. We operate on an open door policy and are available to provide initial advice free of charge without an appointment. We have a dedicated team who would be pleased to assist.

We aim to defend the interests of our clients charged with any criminal offence and to protect their inherent civil liberties and human rights. We also have a reputation for looking after vulnerable clients including young people, clients with mental health difficulties and clients facing charges which could damage their professional and personal reputations.

Our Criminal Team frequently instructs a number of leading City Chambers using some of the most well-renowned barristers in the UK, regularly being selected from the top 500 in the country. In addition our team utilise strong relationships with a number of experts in the fields of Forensics, Cell Site, Computer Analysis, Facial Mapping, Drug Analysis, Psychiatrists and others whom we often instruct to address any issues in cases. Rest assured you are in safe hands with our Criminal Team.

Our Criminal Team can represent individuals either on a private basis or on a Legal Aid basis. If you would like to know whether you are entitled to Legal Aid then do not hesitate to contact a member of our Criminal Team on 020 8551 1777.

Types of Cases we undertake:

  • Allegations of Serious violence, including Murder, Manslaughter, Kidnapping and Blackmail;
  • Allegations of Money Laundering, Car Ringing and other conspiracies;
  • Possession of dangerous weapons and firearms;
  • Drug Related crimes such as large scale Conspiracies to supply Class A Drugs to possession of small amounts of illicit drugs;
  • Burglary, Robbery;
  • Allegations of Dishonesty including Conspiracy to steal, benefit fraud, Fraud and Theft;
  • Allegations of Sexual offences including Rape and Sexual Assault;
  • Perverting the Course of Justice;
  • Handling Stolen goods;
  • Driving related matters such as Dangerous Driving, Driving Carelessly or Driving Whilst Disqualified;

 Recent Notable Cases:

R v A (Snaresbrook Crown Court) – Currently representing the main Defendant in a multi hander comprising of 17 counts relating to the offences of controlling prostitution for gain, rape, human trafficking and other sexual offences.

 R v T and others (Leicester Crown Court) – A multi-hander conspiracy to defraud Virgin Media by dishonestly obtaining television subscription services.  The Prosecution alleged that the conspiracy involved a potential loss of up to £200 million, and involved a huge volume of complex expert evidence as well as legal argument on admissibility.  One of few defendants that had a full trial and was acquitted.  This case ended very recently but proceedings started about 3 years ago.

 R v R (Birmingham Crown Court) – Defended one of the leading money laundering suspects in approximately £300 million conspiracy to import Class A drugs, namely Heroine. Trial lasted over 2 months.  Complex issues of fact and law, particularly in relation to disclosure.  Large number of used and unused material.

R v O and another (Snaresbrook Crown Court) – Represented the first defendant on the Indictment alleging four counts of Rape.  The trial lasted 2 ½ weeks.  Disclosure submissions dealt with in advance of trial.

 R v N (Croydon Crown Court) –Defended in what is now the leading authority on ‘Crash for Cash’ cases. The value of the conspiracy to defraud was estimated to be in the region of £6 million. The allegation involved over 250 staged accidents/exaggerated claims. The trial involved assessment of more than 154,000 pages of complex evidence.

R v D (Isleworth Crown Court) – Represented one of two Defendants alleged to have attempted to Rape as well as falsely imprison the victim.  Defence solicitors had to put in significant number of hours of preparation to ensure the background facts were properly and fairly presented.

R v S (Snaresbrook Crown Court) – Represented a Solicitor accused of making 192 fraudulent Immigration Applications. This was reduced to only 16 counts.

R v KN(Snaresbrook Crown Court) – Two counts of Making Indecent Photographs of children contrary to the Protection of Children Act 1978 and one count of Possession of Extreme Pornographic Images Contrary to the Criminal Justice and Immigration Act 2008.It was identified there were gaps in disclosure which resulted in the Crown offering no further evidence.

R v H (Croydon Crown Court) – Kidnap, Blackmail and Torture of a prominent East London businessman; this case attracted significant media interest.

R v S (Woolwich Crown Court) – Complex Oyster card fraud which was said to have been in operation for many years. Case was halted by the Court at an early stage.

R v M (Southwark Crown Court) – Conspiracy to supply Class A drugs with a street value in excess of £2.5 million.

R v F & F (Inner London Crown Court) – conspiracy involving the burglary of properties and theft of high value motor vehicles from within them. The case was made complex by the number of burglaries (over 50) and volume of mobile phone traffic/cell site analysis used to track defendants.

R v M (Southwark Crown Court) – Multi-hander conspiracy to defraud Phones4U by abuse of position; Represented the store Manager who was at the centre of the conspiracy in a 6-week trial.

R v A (Southwark Crown Court) – Conspiracy involving 9 Defendants who allegedly breached the UK Immigration rules. The case involved complex tracking of payments and amounted to over 25,000 pages of evidence.

R v N (Central Criminal Court) – Represented the Director of a company involved in a conspiracy to defraud companies such as British Gas, Eon and other electricity and gas suppliers. The case involved over 55,000 pages of evidence.

R v S (Southwark Crown Court) – A large scale operation whereby the Defendant was alleged to have been a leading figure in a conspiracy to “ring motor vehicles”.

If you require any further information, contact a member of our Criminal Team on 020 8551 1777.